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Welcome To Light Kraft
(Lighting Design Consultant)

We work and serve for light. We design light.
We design light that makes you feel..

Exterior Lighting

Successful exterior lighting designs develop safe environments that foster community.

Office Lighting

Our approach for office lighting follows the same ethos as residential.

Residential Lighting

Light Kraft has a vast experience in residential lighting for all types, sizes, locations & budgets.

Commercial Lighting

We design lighting for commercial & lifestyle projects including restaurants, bars, hotels etc.

Gardens and Landscape Lighting

The realm of exterior lighting is as important as the world of interior lighting.

Retail Environment

Beyond an intricate architectural space, its products can be enhanced through lighting

Architectural Lighting Designer in Delhi NCR

Living Room Lighting

Enrich the every corner of your living room with the exquisite range of modern lightening, choose from the luxurious assortment.

Bed Room Lighting

Let your Bed Room brighten up with the elegant designs and modern technology. Our lightening matches the tone of your bedroom.

Bath Room Lighting

Bathroom lighting and vanity light fixtures brighten your day! We offer you more lighting choices for your bathroom.

How We Work

At Light Kraft, we normally break projects down into four distinct stages :

- Schematic Design

- Design Development

- Construction Documentation

- Construction Admin

Know More...

We love to experience light...

What We Do

At Light Kraft we combine a creative and intelligent approach to lighting design with an understanding of the complex technical requirements.
We bridge the gap between the architect and/or interior designer and the electrical engineer.