How We Work

Do you want to light your home or office or garden or a hotel or any other distinguished institution? Lighting professionals from Light Kraft can give you expert opinion and assist you in executing unique lightingconcepts exclusively for the desired place. To ensure best lighting solution, we work in four distinct stages:

Schematic Design
Our lighting design experts begin the process with brainstorming of client's requirement through series of discussions. It helps us to establish the brief design intent and project scope, which ultimately leads to development of preliminary conceptual lighting scheme that include equipment budgets, load analysis, sketch details and layouts. The scheme is then presented to the client for approval and further modification, if required, till it is approved.

Design Development
Once scheme is approved, our expert lighting designers preparesrequisite design details for the scheme, which includes all data for lighting equipment, sketch details of custom elements and built-in sources. In fact, we prepare all information necessary for basic engineering of proposed lighting including desired number & wattage of lights, load summaries, budgets, control specifications, schedules and intent drawings.The schemes which we design are essentially latest Building Regulationscompliant, environment friendly and cost-effective.

Construction Documentation
After approval of lighting design development, we prepare detailed documents of final layouts on the CAD drawings and specification of the lighting fixtures/ fittings and sketches. Besides the same, final specification of control intent with diagrams for the lighting control system is also prepared. For desired specification, we generally need multiple mock-ups till the same is finalized to your satisfaction.

Construction Co-ordination
Obviously after finalization of design and documentation, you would begin execution thereof. Our lighting designers liaise with your electrical contractor to ensure thatlights are installed according to approved design. We remain there with you in entire process of commissioning to achieve the design's full potential.